Adorable and emotional 8-month-old baby dances to Bon Jovi while her father plays the guitar


One of the most enjoyable moments in the life of parents is the realization that they have similar interests with their children. And it’s also nice if they are connected with music, because this is a great way to make contact with them.

The father in this case did not even expect that this moment would happen so soon in the relationship with his daughter.

After all, his baby is so small, she is still in diapers, but already a big fan of Bon Jovi. She already really likes the guitar performance of the songs of the artist performed by her father!

This adorable little girl below is called Sydney, she is a little girl with an already developed taste in music. The fact that she is still barely standing on small legs in diapers, but she feels the music, is amazing.

After all, she is still too young to understand such things! She feels her father’s music with every cell of her little body, this one is so great!

Sydney’s father, Aaron, noticed that she was already the perfect height to grab a guitar and start playing it!

Luckily, Mom was by their side at the time to capture such an invaluable moment of bonding between dad and daughter.

A video of a cute eight-month-old girl trying to play the guitar with her dad has gone viral on the internet. The video was loved by many people who said that from such an early age the girl already feels the music with her father.

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