On a crowded beach, a girl with an incredible voice spontaneously begins to sing and wins everyone’s heart


I think it’s perfect when there’s always music playing on the ocean front, whether it’s coming from a speaker, someone playing hip hop or some other kind of music, or just a random guitarist singing the notes of their favorite song.

This grandmother’s birthday was celebrated with characteristic music on the beach near Miami.

The family decided to arrange a whole mariachi group for her on the beach to perform on the ocean and this was a big surprise for her.

When the waves hit the shore, she enjoys this sound and the singing of the musicians. It’s the perfect combination for a great birthday celebration!

Angelina Talavera takes the stage to cheer them all up a bit and record some impromptu footage for the music video she was filming.

When the soloist of the Mariachi group asks if any of the people on the beach sing, it is she who escapes from the small crowd – Angelina Talavera.

She starts singing “Como la Flor”. This performance gets a lot of applause from the crowd on the beach.

The soloist of the group organizes the conclusion and everyone comes to the same note. Then another girl takes the microphone at the end of it wishes her a happy birthday and sings some songs for her grandmother.

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