A small kitten approaches a sleeping baby and then it turns out what she wanted to do …


One day, the mother received notifications on her phone when she opened it and saw an incredibly cute sight on the webcam of a child.

Their cat Luna climbed into the bed of their newborn baby and wanted to cuddle with her in every way. She was a very affectionate cat.

Luna spent the whole day playing her unusual games, doing pranks or playing with the children when they were at home.

But at night, she really liked to cuddle with Kylie in her bed, because she considered her to be her best friend.

From the very beginning, after the birth of Kylie, they became best friends who were almost impossible to separate. Everything they did, they did together.

Luna has never been against Kylie’s habit of pulling her hair all the time. She was a sweet kitty who just loved to cuddle.

Cats sometimes look like dogs. They love children and take care of them with motherly tenderness, but there is a completely different opposite side of cats, which we will not mention today.

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