A child who is born with a heart-shaped birthmark is called a “love child”


All children are unique and beautiful in their own way, but there are children in the world who are a little different and look different from other children.

This sweet little one has been dubbed the “love baby” because of his unique heart-shaped spot on his forehead.

The baby’s parents – Saida and Murat could not believe their eyes when they saw that their baby has such a cute spot on his forehead. A unique spot was on the baby’s forehead already at birth.

The boy was born in 2015 and has already managed to win the hearts of many people. He has always been a unique child in front of everyone, his name is Chinar and he is a charming child.

The little guy became more popular as he grew up and everyone who met him wanted to take selfies with him and even nurses. They said that when he was born, the doctors said that they saw such an interesting spot for the first time.

Because of his cute forehead spot, the adorable boy gained international recognition and immediately became a viral sensation all over the internet.

According to his parents, when they see a boy, many people will forgive them to take a picture with the boy. In such a short time, he has become a favorite for everyone!

Murat says that when they are at work or out of the house, different people see them – colleagues, friends, who ask about the child’s spot and say that they have the impression that he is a love child.

His family considers this birthmark a blessing from God, and from birth he was told to cherish it and be different from the rest.

When they go to the clinic for an examination, everyone in the clinic recognizes him and calls him “love child”, he already has a lot of fans everywhere!

Chinar already has a lot of social media followers who want to follow his life adventures or just like the boy’s spot.

Chinar’s parents created an Instagram page for him so that other people could also follow his life and adventures.

Now Chinar is already 4 years old, and he is beautiful as always! Do you also believe that this spot is a sign above?

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