See why a child celebrates his birthday twice a year


This poor couple was shocked to learn that their unborn child was at risk of disability due to a serious spinal condition. The parents-to-be had two choices about the course of events: either accept the potentially harmful surgery for the child or leave things as they are. They made the second choice, and the results were unexpected.

Before that, they had organized a party to find out the sex of the child and had no doubt that their little one was perfectly healthy.

Unfortunately, the sad news was revealed during the investigation.The parents were looking for different clinics because they did not want to accept the terrible diagnosis. But even there the medical workers confirmed it.

They chose to perform a very complicated operation which was very dangerous.

In addition, the surgeons lacked sufficient experience as they had never performed such operations at their institution.

A few weeks later, the child was born, but his mother had to stay in bed for a long time. He was ready to do anything for the sake of his child.

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