Charlotte Valandrey momentarily awakened from coma to say her wish, which was…


This woman who was in a coma for a month Charlotte Valandrey. She was able to have the last conversation with her loved ones after waking up a few days before her death. His last request was to be with his dead mother, Anne-Marie.

He is famous from the movie “Red Kiss”.He was terminally ill for many years and fought against his illness.She had a daughter named Tara. After her death, her husband and daughter were left alone.

In fact, Tara’s father, who was responsible for caring for her while she was in intensive care, eventually started to cry.Doctors diagnosed him with the disease when he was a teenager, but after receiving treatment, he was able to live another thirty years.His life was radically changed by the diagnosis of this fatal disease. It also had an impact on the career of the actress.

She was actually denied the lead role in the movie “White Wedding” after the production found out she had HIV.Despite the difficulties, he continued to move forward, appearing in various programs.

As his psychological state was affected by the disease, he needed therapy to restore his “self-esteem”.During that time, he received various treatments and was fighting for his life.

Unfortunately, one day things got very bad. She underwent an unsuccessful surgery in June 2022 and spent a month in a coma.
He woke up before his death and had a short conversation with his family.His tenacity, talent, smile and voice will always be in our people’s memories and screens through his words and other means.

Another celebrity has joined the mourning of French film. A funeral deserving of the term should be held for the courageous woman who survived death for more than 30 years.

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