An old woman adopts a lost child with a letter in his pocket… 13 years later, his mother returns…


Shaylie was 65 when she lived with her husband Floyd and one day noticed a small lost child on her way to the grocery store.

The poor boy was screaming, and there were no adults nearby, she immediately thought that he was lost, and approached the boy to offer her help.

Where is your mother, dear? Shailey asked. The child just shook his head and looked like he was about four years old.

The boy replied that his mother was crying, said goodbye to him, left him there and left.

Shailey decided to take the boy home and immediately called the police. She told him that everything would be fine and that she was going to help him.

The child began to show interest in her. At home, the woman had made a sandwich and some juice for a boy named Roy when they got to her house.

After a while, the police showed up at their door. Shaylie told them everything and the boy hid behind her back.

She told them that she found a note in her pocket saying that her mother could no longer support her child and asked for his forgiveness.

The police said they had to put him in an orphanage until his mother was found. The child was afraid and shouted that children only go there if they misbehave.

But Shailey said that until they find her mother, she is ready to become his foster mother and he can live with them. And if not, then she will take all the necessary steps to legally adopt him.

Shaylie and her husband Floyd raised Roy the same way they raised their own children. All of their children have left home and live with their families in different states. Roy was grateful that, despite their modest lifestyle, he had good foster parents who did everything for him.

On weekends they went to the park, played and had family picnics. Shailey also helped the child with homework at school.

Despite all this, Roy was still always interested in the whereabouts of his biological mother. He was so small when he was abandoned, and he was jealous of other children.

When Roy was already 17 years old, his biological mother unexpectedly came to their house. She was dressed in fashionable clothes and introduced herself as Lisa, Roy’s mother.

She said that she has worked hard over the past 10 years to try and improve her situation and now she can support her son. She said that she recently married a millionaire.

When Roy heard this, his thoughts immediately boiled. He thought that he would get all the pleasures that his classmates usually got if he lived with his rich mother.

Shailey chuckled as she looked at Roy. She said it was his decision, although tears began to well up in her eyes. She adored Roy, but she understood that if he wanted to return to his mother, then he absolutely had the right to do so.

Roy said he always wanted to live with a real mom because all kids should grow up with their real mom. Her biological mother touched her hand on her chest.

But then he said in a trembling voice that she had abandoned him in the street like a stray dog. He then approached Shaylie and hugged her. He said “I will stay with the one who saved, loved and raised me the way I am today.”

Lisa turned and left, devastated and with tears in her eyes. She returned the next day and gave Roy a check for a substantial sum. She said she felt guilty for leaving him on the street. She begged him to accept her and create a better future.

Roy agreed to this, but chose not to use the money in any way. Returning a few days later, Lisa revealed that her husband had divorced her after learning that she had given Roy all her money.

She said that she had nowhere to go and decided to move to another city and establish a life there and came to visit the child for the last time.

When Roy turned to Shaylie, she nodded in agreement. Now she finally understood what it was like to be abandoned. Roy said that his mother Shaylie taught him how to help those in need, so he extended a helping hand to her.

Shailey said she could stay with them. Once settled, Lisa began working at a nearby restaurant to support herself. And then I saved up some money and rented an apartment next door.

Roy decided to donate all the money to a charity that supported children left without parents.

Roy continued to live with Shaley and Floyd and put a lot of effort into his studies in order to get a decent job and support them. Roy even made time for Lisa and made sure she had everything she needed.

What can we learn from this story?

Even when other people are not kind to you, be polite. Despite everything the boy has been through in the past, Shailey raised Roy to be kind to everyone. Therefore, although his mother Lisa had abandoned him in the past, he showed compassion for her when she returned to him.

Shayley and Floyd raised Roy as their own children, treating him like a son. They were a real family that cherished each other very much, and Roy adored them too.

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