She is the world’s oldest mother who has just given birth


Usually, the older a woman gets, the less likely she is to become a mother. Normal childbearing years coincide with the times when we have the energy and free time to experiment with raising kids.

However, sometimes the rules of nature can change.

This story is about a hundred and one year old Italian woman. She shocked the internet with the news of her pregnancy. She delivered a 4-kg baby following an ovarian transplant.

Many criticized this act and considered it unacceptable.The operation took place in Turkey by Dr. By Alexandro Popolichchi.

Such things are feared by the European Union.Dr. Popolicci said that one should not defame a woman.


Fortunately, the woman gave birth to a beautiful and strong child.

This woman lost her husband a long time ago and thought that the father does not have a big role in raising the child.

She expresses her love for her late spouse and declares that she will remain a widow until her death.It turns out that before this incident, a similar incident also happened in one of the South African Patriarchates.

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