The dog’s owner thought he was dead, but rescuers found him alone in the mountains


The Animal Protection Service attempted to catch a dog wandering around the guarded village.He was so skinny it was a miracle he was still alive. Hope For Paws was born when animal control failed, and it’s a good thing they did!

The poor pup had lost a lot of hair, through the skin it was clear they had grown up together.

His appearance was absolutely heartbreaking. He was scared of people, but she couldn’t resist the cheeseburgers the rescuers happily gave her. He was very hungry.

As the rescuers fed him, one of them snuck up behind her to set a trap to catch him. It will be a few scary seconds, but they have to catch this poor pup.He urgently needed help and someone to take care of him, because he couldn’t continue living on the streets and starving to death!

In the end, the skinny dog ​​was gently picked up and put in the car. She was scared, but got away with it. We named her Edna.

The vets at the clinic checked to see if he had a microchip and luckily he did! His former owner gave him a microchip. After a few days, we learned that the dog was dead.But fortunately, he is found alive, his owner was not interested in his return. Maybe it was a blessing because…

…the dog was placed in a wonderful foster home, and from there she found her forever family! A wonderful hostess and human sister who simply adores her!

It’s good that there will be no more hungry and lonely days for Edna!

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