Ohio man wakes up in hospital after being stung 20,000 times by African killer bees


Recently there was an accident: a man from Ohio fell into a coma after he was stung by more than 20,000 African killer bees.

On that day, a man named Austin Bellamy was helping to clear tree branches when he accidentally crashed into a huge honeycomb. This was a fatal mistake for him, due to which huge bees soon attacked him.

Austin also inadvertently swallowed about 30 bees. Doctors removed the bees from his body and mouth, his mother told local news. He was in a terrible state.

The USDA states that these African killer bees are more defensive, sting more with less provocation than other honey bees.

The attack was witnessed by several members of Austin’s family who were near him at the time.

Grandma explained that in fact she was climbing the stairs at that time to go to Austin …

But, unfortunately, there was no way she could join him, because everything was surrounded by bees, and she could not reach him to help him get rid of them.

She tried to anchor, but couldn’t…

All this time he called for help and hoped that someone would help him. But no one could help him, because for them it would be mortally dangerous.

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