“He couldn’t bark or move”: a fisherman rescued an Alabai dog drowning in a swamp


The world does not stop, everything around us is changing rapidly. Now people are more aggressive than before, but despite this, the world is still not devoid of good people.

The action takes place in a small village called Moskovskaya. Once a local resident Ilya Sadovnichy went fishing early in the morning.

The fish was not caught, so the young man decided to go for a walk in the forest for mushrooms and berries. He knew well where cranberries grow.

In some places, the area around the water was wet. As he walked, he heard a soft splash, the sound of which came from the swamp.

He approached the swamp and saw a large Alabai dog trying to approach the shore. All attempts of the dog were in vain, the swamp dragged him away.

Due to exhaustion and a long stay there, the dog was exhausted and could not even move his legs and bark. He simply choked on swamp water and drowned.

The man did not hesitate and rushed to help the dog. The dog, stuck in a swamp, did not understand what awaited him, but did not want to let his savior near him.

The dog tried to growl at him, but he barely had the strength to do so. When the man realized that the dog was completely exhausted, he took the opportunity and pulled him ashore.

The lifeguard had a hard time. Alabai is a big dog and Ilya’s legs are stuck in a swamp.

The dog lay on the bank for a long time, not moving and breathing heavily. Then at last she stirred a little, got up, hobbled, barked something in farewell, and left.

The dog was very lucky that a man who worked as a safety teacher at the school was very close and saw him.

Everyone in the village knew everyone, and two days later it turned out that the Alabai had a new owner. He went on vacation and brought his animal to friends in the village. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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