The dying dog looked up when they came to take him home


Obregon diligently returned to the neighborhood three times, attempting to catch the dog but to no avail. Then the woman who contacted him about the dog in the first place sent him this heartbreaking photo, it broke his heart. If only she could have caught it sooner.

Judy Obregon is the founder of an organization called The Abandoned Ones. He informed that a dog needed urgent help, but when he arrived on the scene, he realized that it was too late, the animal was already dead.

He was informed that the children who lived there were torturing this poor animal. They threw food and made the dog run, sometimes they tied the water hose around his neck.He felt guilty for not coming to help the dog sooner.

When he got there, the most incredible and unexpected thing happened.Arrived on the spot, he saw that the dog was alive and looked at him with his head raised.The poor dog suffered from malnutrition and dehydration, he was so weak that he could not walk.

The rescuer picked him up and put him in the car, then he finally felt calmer.The dog was taken to the vet and after that they started looking for a home for the dog. He started to trust people.

We should thank the woman who called the rescuer and saved the poor dog’s life with just one step.

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