This blind dog was lying waiting to go to heaven


If you have a pet, you have a special obligation and there can be no exceptions.But unfortunately not everyone understands this.

When the dog was painfully injured and went blind, his owner felt he was no longer worthy of his home.The dog was found in a very bad condition, he was weak, hungry and dehydrated.

This dog already thought his life was over because the only person who loved him left him.Luckily, rescuers found him early, and since the dog couldn’t stand on his own, they picked him up and put him in the car.

Then he had to be taken to the vet for treatment.Although the dog was scared, he was very patient and thought it was the end of his life.Rescuers publicized the dog on the internet and asked to find him a foster family. He needed love now.

Then they spoke to a woman who had experience with such animals and wanted to help this dog.The dog, who had accepted the fact that he was dying, could finally feel happy.

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