See how this girl lives, who will always be the size of a small doll


Today we will introduce you to a girl named Abigail Lee, who was unfortunate enough to be born with a genetic disease.

Many people have never even heard of microcephalic osteodysplastic primary dwarfism.

This is a variant of dwarfism, in which the body does not grow at all.

At first glance, this is a completely ordinary picture – a little girl is sitting in a stroller, only this stroller is a toy, for dolls. Next to him, ordinary dolls look larger than her size.

The girl has a tiny one to make it more convenient to play. At the moment, Abigail is two years old, but her weight is almost like that of a baby, she weighs only 4 kg, instead of 20-30 kg.

The family has another child, the eldest girl Samantha, who is now 4 years old. Abigail is like a doll compared to her.

According to doctors’ forecasts, the girl will grow by about 60 cm.

The baby eats well, plays and develops, but does not grow. He wears baby clothes and eats at a doll’s table.

Unfortunately, medicine does not yet cure this type of dwarfism, but let’s hope that in the future scientists will come up with something.

Abigail will be able to walk, perhaps with difficulty, but there is a chance.

She will be able to study and live a long and happy life, unless, of course, all conditions are created for this. But she will never grow up.

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