Man Pushing Cart Full Of Dogs Gets Unexpected Help From Life-Changing Stranger


A woman met a men with her dogs and became interested in their story. We all know that many homeless people have a dog, maybe even a family.They are like guardian angels for these people.

A similar incident happened to a homeless man named Steve. He lived on the streets for five years and during that time he gathered homeless dogs around him.

In 2015, the man embarked on a journey from California to Indiana, where he was living with his girlfriend, who is also a pet lover.So he took his bike, attached a small cart, loaded up his 11 dogs and started pedaling.However, it was damaged along the way and they had to stop. Then Alice meets them.

He stopped and asked the man for his story. The man told everything and that made the woman understand that she absolutely had to help this man.

So he left, and when he came back he brought food and supplies for the dogs. She also took to social media to start a fundraiser for the man and his dogs.As a result, he collected a lot of money.

The man couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find so much love and support.When they arrived in Indiana, they were helped by a woman working with homeless animals named Angela.

This story reminds us that when you do good deeds, it always comes back to you in some way.

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