The cat and her kids took advantage of the favor of the savior and regained a taste for life


Angela decided to become a foster parent of the Friends of the Oregon Animal Shelter, a cat protection organization in the northwestern United States.

They are used to accepting stray and abandoned cats that need to be re-educated before adoption.

However, Angela was particularly impressed by a black cat named Mulan. The mother was returned with four children.

Before that, they lived in an unnecessary house that was in an unnecessary state. After the arrival, the baby was very worried, which indicated that he was taking care of his former owner. Angela knows how to be patient with them.

It was Magnolia who set an example for her descendants. She began to trust Angela and became very obsessive!

Because the bath is now calm, the mother is very relaxed. But the four-week-old kittens stay in their corner.

But in the end, she was convinced. If his mother had kneaded the basket so hard, it probably wouldn’t have been so dangerous.

The four cats spend their time lounging with an exuberant human, discovering the world, nursing and, of course, taking some naps. Gradually, they grow up and can begin weaning from the mother’s breast.

Angela gave them wet food which quickly served them, allowing Mulan to rest. Therefore, the kitten moved away from her a little and spent a lot of time with Angela.

She is a very kind mother to her little ones, but sometimes they see her very focused on new adventures without the kittens. Five cats in a few weeks with foster parents offered for adoption.

Everyone, without exception, found a home to their liking. Angela guarantees that, despite her unfortunate past, she will always be loved.

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