The exhausted cat ran after people, trying to meow and get their attention, but she did not have the strength to do so


The exhausted cat ran after people, trying to meow, but she did not have the strength to do so.

The cat, which did not let anyone in, was small and skinny, with large and beautiful eyes. He tried to meow to get people’s attention, but was unsuccessful.

Friendly people brought him food, but the bulk passed by indifferently. But the cat still looked into the eyes of every person passing by. The cat was rescued by volunteers from the Demi Animal Shelter.

Due to the fact that there were no free places, a separate cage was bought for him. This did not bother the cat at all, he was already happy that he was taken from the street.

The cat with a snow-white color turned out to be a girl and she was named Barbie. First of all, she was taken to the veterinary clinic for examination. It turned out that the animal had a benign tumor that required immediate intervention.

The treatment was long. The cat was very difficult to tolerate injections and droppers, so he was always glad to see him. After recovery, Barbie turned into a real beauty with big blue eyes.

A resident of Arkhangelsk wanted to take the cat. The cat at that time was in a shelter in the city of Volgograd. But thanks to caring people, she was moved to another city, and she met her mistress Irina.

The girl immediately fell in love with Barbie. Irina does not understand how such an affectionate, friendly and obedient cat could be abandoned.

She does not leave a single step from her mistress! I would like to thank all the people thanks to whom the cat was able to find a loving family.

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