People greeted the stray dog who knocked on the door: what is his fate?


Throughout his life, a person is surrounded by living organisms. We decide where and how we live. Dogs, unlike many people, are incredibly loyal creatures. They can be stubborn and proud at times, but they can also be loyal and affectionate.

This story took place several years ago. The young family bought a new house and a few months later the couple became parents.

One evening they heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom hallway and someone knocked on the door.

They were surprised to see a frightened, thin and wet puppy in front of them. The dog could hardly stand and was shivering from the cold.

Looking at the CCTV footage, the couple realized that they forgot to close the door when they brought the stroller into the house. The dog ran down the street and went through the open door.

Jack consulted with his wife and they decided to leave him at their house. They went to the vet and he got all the necessary vaccinations. Jack thought it was a sign from heaven. The dog was later named Susie.

In fact, they have long wanted to have a pet, but did not dare, especially since they recently had a baby. At first they tried to find the previous owner, but all their attempts were unsuccessful.

Many friends suggested giving Susie to a dog shelter. But they chose their own path. This world is not without good people.

Jack posted this story online and people on social media were moved by Susie’s story. They later raised $18,000 for her treatment. Touched Jack thanked everyone who participated in the dog’s fate.

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