A brave dog throws himself into the water to save the boy’s life


This dog’s name is Max. He didn’t take special rescue lessons, but that didn’t stop him from playing the role of a rescuer.He grew up on the street and does not know how the relationship between a person and a dog happens.

He was afraid to go out for a walk because he was afraid that he would be abandoned again.

If the owners squeezed Max too much, he just got up and went to the far corner.But fortunately after some time he started to trust people and started to connect with his owners.

He smiles all the time and spends a lot of time walking with his owners.When they moved to Port Noarlunga, the dog was going to the beach with its owner.


Max also likes to swim and dive, but gets tired quickly. So the owners bought him an orange life jacket to keep the dog safe at all times.One such day, when the dog was sitting on the shore and resting, he noticed a boy drowning in the ocean.

The boy was scared and completely exhausted. The dog quickly ran to help. He just did what he knew and what he loved.Fortunately, everything ended successfully, and after this incident the dog was considered a hero.

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