15 adorable photos of pets that showed everyone around that there are no barriers to their friendship


For many animals, their owners eventually become best friends, but at the same time, there is always room in the hearts of cats for new companions. Dogs can boast of a special friendliness, but other animals are not far behind.

Moreover, the difference in types, sizes and degree of fluff does not play a role – both four-legged and bipedal are ready to hang out with everyone. And the result of such communication are really beautiful pictures!

The child found a comfortable place.

The cat climbs a tree every day to say hello to his friend.

Two comrades in Paris.

Furry friends.

The story of friendship sounds almost like a Disney cartoon.

A wild goose flew to my grandmother’s yard, became friends with her domestic geese and has been living here for more than a year

What if the sizes are different?

Looks like these two are just pulling a prank.

A little resemblance in the ears!

Possum hugs.

A panther named Luna lives in Siberia and is friends with a Rottweiler.

So different, but inseparable.

How it all began and how things are now.

Warm up in the dryer.

Divine idyll.

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