A kitten thrown out of a car window was rescued from a dangerous situation due to traffic


One day, a woman was driving her sedan down Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA on June 14, 2022, when she witnessed horrific cruelty towards a poor little kitten.

The driver in front of her opened the window of her car and deliberately threw the kitten across the road.

Emergency services immediately stopped to help the poor animal, as he got into a very bad situation on the road. Later, the woman contacted Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, the city’s animal shelter with a veterinary clinic.

Association coordinator Kelly Fisher said that the baby was lucky that he was not seriously injured. It turned out that this is a female cat, and she is only 5 weeks old.

Kelly said she wasn’t hurt. She just had irregular breathing and was a little undernourished. She gradually gained weight.

In addition, Kelly makes sure that even when the shelter has reached the limit of its capacity, the little ones receive enough attention and love. She should be ready to meet her beloved home and owner within a month.

There is no doubt that her pretty face will melt this loving person. The shelter is already collecting donations on social media.

Kelly and her team regret that people can commit such acts. The County Animal Management Center is a very good place to take them if needed, but people get embarrassed and prefer to throw them away as junk.

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