Brother and sister puppies, separated in childhood and adopted by different families, immediately recognize each other on the street


Siblings of puppies, separated in childhood and adopted by different families a year later, immediately recognize each other.

These puppies were found in the garbage, and soon the two were inseparable. Meet Monty and Rosie.

But unfortunately, they were adopted by different people and separated. Rosie found the owner online, and Monty was adopted by another person and taken to a nearby village.

But one day a miracle happened: when they were walking down the street with their owners, they suddenly saw each other. The owners of the two dogs were surprised to see a replica of their dogs next to them.

As they stood there in awe and wonder, the dogs immediately fell on top of each other. It turned out that they immediately recognized each other. They kissed, hugged, began to lick each other and were infinitely happy to see each other.

What an adorable story, siblings separated since childhood finally found each other again and were reunited.

These dogs do not want to say goodbye, and their owners do not want to deprive them of the opportunity to meet.

For this reason, they decided to give the dogs the opportunity to see each other often in the garden, and soon even spend holidays with each other and celebrate their birthdays.

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