The goose became the nanny of the children of her best friend – the dog


Among animals, friendship between different species is not uncommon.

Animals see themselves differently than humans, they don’t care about some details, they see them as a whole, as they are.

Therefore, the incredible friendship between the goose and the mongrel was not surprising.

The goose was found by the owner of the Samoyed and brought home when he was very small. The dog immediately mistook him for a friendly dog ​​and began to play with him.

Over time, the friendship only grew stronger, the dog and the goose became more and more attached to each other.

When the dog gave birth to the puppies, the goose adopted them as her own little children. Interestingly, they saw in the goose and a kind of nanny, they often clung to her.

Although they are not her own children, the goose sees them as needy babies and takes care of them as her own. She accepted the help of a friend and gladly left her to take care of her restless children.

Later, the goose also became a mother, and her chicks were not afraid of the big dog from birth, enthusiastically playing with him. They are like a big family!

Interestingly, another dog, a poodle, lives in the same house. He keeps aloof and does not interfere in the life of the dog, goose and their children. It turns out that animals choose their friends according to certain criteria.

So far, scientists cannot explain exactly how this happens and why the Samoyed plays with the goose, and the poodle runs away from him and does not want to deal with him.

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