This adventurous cat walks into the store every time and sleeps exactly where the cat food is


I think it’s not new for us to see cats in the store, they feel very good there.

Cats are used to staying and being where they are comfortable. For this life-loving cat, Tesco Market in Rugby was such a place.

Everyone in the store already knows him, he comes and goes when he wants, even customers are already waiting for him.

But sometimes there are customers who are surprised to see a white cat, his gray tail, with which he cleans the floor in the store.

Looks like the chubby cat knew exactly where to find cat food in his favorite store and went to that part of the store.

In fact, he has very good taste and he mostly chooses expensive things and chooses a big box. One of the clients was so surprised that he decided to take a picture of him.

He was passing by when the cat was sleeping on the floor in the store and suddenly hit him. He was angry to see the cat lying there.

He then asked the worker if they knew that there were cats in their shop, and it turned out that this was normal for them.

Since this cat was quite large, it was assumed that he was not actually homeless and that there may be people who feed him delicious food and take care of him.

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