Poor dogs won’t part with each other after years of neglect


This is one of the worst cases rescued by NorCal Bully Breed Rescue.

This poor dog named Buddy couldn’t take the pain anymore. And Chase remained at home without care and attention for years.

He didn’t have fur and lived with red skin all the time and suffered, he didn’t even look like a dog.

His skin was in a very bad condition, it was all swollen, covered with ulcers. Plus to all this, the poor dog was also blind and deaf. Since their owner abandoned both of them and took them to an orphanage, they were to be euthanized.

Although the rescuers tried to help and cure them, their condition was very bad and the injuries got worse. They were already malnourished and diets were the cause.

Despite this, Kelly Murphy, who adopted them, says they both love people very much. They were very happy because they finally got what they had been waiting for so long.

Unfortunately, none of them saw or heard. The most important thing is that now they live in a prosperous and comfortable family. They were always connected and their connection was extraordinary!

Now the police are already busy searching for their former owner. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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