A sick elephant, abandoned by his family, finds comfort with his new dog friend


Many of us know that elephants have a fairly high intelligence. They like to live in groups.

So they feel very good. The big family kicked out the sick poor baby elephant, they no longer wanted to take care of him.

They decided to leave him all alone. Fortunately, the elephant was found by the workers of the sick rhino shelter.

Although there were only rhinos in the shelter, they adopted this elephant. The condition of the animal was not very good, there were serious health problems.

He could neither eat nor drink even regular milk. Especially for him, they prepared rice soup with additives and vitamins.

The elephant began to slowly gain weight and became more active. Of course, his mood also rose.

But the elephant was very lonely. And once an old dog was brought to the shelter, it was a police dog.

The rejected elephant became friends with him, they began to play with each other and run.

They both look very happy. They became each other’s indispensable friend. The dog helped the elephant forget about loneliness.

Socialization is sometimes very important for animals. They need not only food, but also company, love and affection. This was not enough in the life of a little elephant.

Employees posted beautiful joint photos of cute friends on the Internet. Everyone wrote admiring comments. They were very happy, especially the elephant, who finally found a friend.

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