Ginger knows exactly what newborns need the most taking excellent care of them


The sweet dog know exactly what 2 newborn cats need the most.

Enciore and Paxie were just 2 weeks old when they were taken to the shelter, but since they neesded round-the-clock care, a volunteer offered to take on the responsibility of caring for them.

She took them home and fed them with a bottle of milk every four hours and took excellent care of them.

But kitties had another extremely caring guardian there, Susan’s dog, Ginger.

When the kittens were brought home, she was extremely excited. She knew how to take care of newborns.

The cats immediately accepted the dog and accepted her as their foster mother.

The point is that Susan saved Ginger when she was heavily pregnant.

Fortunately, they managed to save all of them and after some time all the puppies found their perfect homes.

Susan knew that the doggie was already feeling happy and relaxed.

And now she was ready to give her love and care to babies who needed a mother’s love.

She was so warm and caring that they immediately accepted her.

Ginger helps Susan with everything, washing their faces, helping them eat and so on.

They felt so comfortable around Ginger that they started thinking she was their cat mom.

The little kittens immediately started to grow, they became more active and curious day by day.

They especially like to jump on their mom, and she doesn’t mind at all.

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