Even being on the edge of the death the brave boy didn’t give up overcoming all the hardships


The pup was found with only a box and a towel, crying non-stop and looking for its mother all the time.

Kind people found him and rushed him to the vet. The poor creature looked so sad that it just broke the hearts of all the stuff.

He was crying as if asking to be taken to his mother. His pitiful condition was making everyon so sad…

He also had pains and the doctor still had to do some tests to find out the cause.

There were ticks and wounds all over the body. The vet also found bite marks on his body.

It was obvious that he had had a terrible time in the past.

He continued to tremble from pain and fear for days. It turned out that he was suffering from leptospirosis.

The dog was probably abused by other dogs. He was under the supervision of the vet all the time and they did everything to save his life.

And they did not wait long. A few days later, the treatments gave the desired result.

After twelve days, this good boy started to feel better and even wanted to get out of his cage.

The boy proved to everyone how brave he is and can overcome any difficulty.

He finally doesn’t cry anymore and even started to smile sometimes. The sweet boy was named Fedor.

After two months of proper care and treatment, Fedor seems to be reborn.

He looks like a brand new dog. He happily walks and runs around all day, making everyone happy.

Soon he will be re-examined again before going to his new home.

Thanks to his rescuers, he is now enjoying his life to the fullest and is immensely grateful to everyone who did everything to give a second chance at life.

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