The kindest pilot flies sick dog 400 miles so he can spend his last days surrounded by endless love


This pilot wanted to do everything to make the dog’s days the happiest.

So they flew to his preferred home, which was 400 miles away. His last days must be filled with endless love…

Unfortunately, the boy only had a few days left to live. Ashley had cancer, and he also had a number of injuries under his skin.

Here was a man who could quickly take him to the place where he would feel the happiest and calmest, even for a short time.

He seemed to enjoy the plane ride very much. the pilot also posted some photos from there, which are positively adorable to look at. Ashly enjoyed the breeze so much… .

His anxiety seemed to have completely passed and he had forgotten about all the pains.

Even the pilotbecame so emotional during the flight, seeing how happy this pup felt. Tha baby had not been seen like this for a long time.

In his new home, he was welcomed by the most caring woman, Tracy Lancer, who would surely do everything to ensure that Ashlyn’s last days were spent in perfect rest and tender care.

Even she became very surprised when she saw the dog’s happy face after the flight. Even for a few weeks, he felt very happy and seems like a completely different dog now.

We are so happy that there are such caring and dedicated people in the world who are ready to do anything for these wonderful creatures.

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