Due to this woman the shyest kitten ever transformed into the happiest one


After being rescued a few days later, he completely transformed into the happiest cat.

Gabriella was left alone and felt empty when her beloved cats, who had become her friends, passed away.

One day she saw a post about three kittens. They were born just a few weeks ago.

They were always deprived of human contact and when the rescuers came to save them, they were very scare and did not let anyone approach them.

When the kittens arrived at the rescue center, they immediately started taking care of them to help them overcome all that.

Among them was an orange kitten, named Jimmy, who was the most timid and always hid behind the garbage can.

The rescue group hoped that one day the poor little one would find someone who would help him get rid of all his fears and show his calm and sweet nature.

The volunteers made it their mission to help these boys trust people.

Some time later the kittens started realizing that they all love them very much and they also provide them with plenty of food every day. Little by little, they began to become calmer.

When Gabriella saw the kitten Jimmy, she couldn’t pass it by because it reminded of her cat named Jack, who had recently passed away.

So she immediately contacted the rescue group and expressed her desire to adopt the shyest orange cat.

Of course, he was still very scared at first, but after some time it seemed like a miracle happened and he completely changed, showing what a brave boy he is.

He got attached with his new mother in a few days, who did not spare any effort for it.

Jimmy felt like he was in his dream home with the most caring mom. Jimmy seemed to blossom like a beautiful butterfly.

Gabriella is so happy to have found this sweet cat who wakes her up every day with his hugs and sleeps right next to her at night.

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