After losing their mom 4 newborn kittens happily have found their ways to their dream homes


The four kittens were found just a few days after birth.  They always hugged each other and were waiting for someone to come to save them.

They were found near the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. Their mother, unfortunately, had passed away and they would not have been able to survive for long without any help.

Caitlin, an animal ER nurse, found out about them and came to take them and put them in an incubator which would regulate body temperature.

The kittens were slowly recovering. They even slept peacefully, hugging each other all night.

During the first few days, they still had to be fed through a tube, and when they were strong enough, they started eating on their own.

Over the course of several weeks, the cats felt better and grew dramatically, becoming more active and curious day by day.

They were soon to be taken to their new foster home, but as Caitlin said, those sweet boys had stolen her heart.

The brothers then continued their happy days in their new foster home still continuing to hug each other.

They always slept together. Fortunately, the sweet babies recovered and in spite of the rough start of their lives.

they fully recovered and live in complete happiness.

All of them have already found their dream homes and are enjoying life in their new families.

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