The woman was preparing to go to work, when suddenly noticed an unknown dog on their porch


Amy was getting ready to go to work one morning when her daughter called her to say there was a dog on their porch.

The thing is, they have 2 dogs, but the girl said that dog is not their dog.

It couldn’t be the neighbor’s dog either, because they knew they didn’t have such a dog.

Meanwhile, while they were talking about the dog, the dog sat on one of the porch chairs and looked at them.

It was as if he was waiting for them to come out and pet him.

At first it seemed to them that he was someone’s dog who was just walking around and all of a sudden appeared in their neighborhood.

However, when they came home that day, they saw him sitting in the same place again.

He seemed to already feel at home.

Amy reached out to the community anyway to find out who owned it.

He even posted on Facebook, but no one responded.

The next day, she took the dog to the vet to see if it had a microchip, but in vain.

So they took him home until it was clear what to do.

But unfortunately, even though he was a very sweet dog, their other dogs couldn’t get along with him, so it wasn’t easy for them because they got attached to the dog, but taking care of three dogs wasn’t easy either.

Fortunately, they found a new home for the sweet dog in a short time and he feels very happy and safe.

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