The shelter dog, who used to hold hands with people who approached him, ended up finding the perfect mom for him


Mac simply adores being approached and touched.

Perhaps it is not clear how long this sweet boy lived on the street and then ended up behind bars.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan finally found him and saved him. The kind man placed the dog at the Tri-Cities shelter for animals.

The pup just wanted to be free, so he stuck his furry paws out of the cage bars and wanted someone to come and touch him.

He really enjoyed holding the hands of people who passed through the area.

His photos, appearing on the Internet, captured the hearts of many users, especially those who interacted with the sweet dog.

One of the shelter’s volunteers, Julie Saraseno, said in an interview that they simply adore this dog.

He managed to become everyone’s favorite in a short time.

They knew that Mac’s welcoming nature would also help him get a new forever home faster.

So they decided to share Mac’s sweet video as well and it eventually went viral.

After that day, many people approached them about adopting Mac.

One day a woman even traveled several hours to meet a dog and it turned out that they were a perfect match.

That day, no one was happier for the baby than Julie.

She even cried tears of joy when she saw that Mac had finally found the perfect family.

It was also clear from Mac’s shining eyes. He had never looked so happy.

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