The dog, who had been chained all his life and couldn’t even lie down, spent his last days in infinite love


Unfortunately, we come across such stories very often, when a family decides to adopt a dog and keep it on a chain, and even without a roof, in any unimaginable weather.

We can never understand such people and how it is possible to be so cruel and heartless. It was all Hank had seen in his entire life.

The rescuers were alerted by the neighbors, who could not remain indifferent, seeing the terrible conditions in which the dog was kept.

The rescuers immediately came to their house and what they saw just amazed them.

The dog, which was on a chain, was sitting in the cold rain, and also mud everywhere.

There was not even food or water for him. How can these innocent creatures be treated like this? Fortunately, they managed to take the dog with them that day and save it from those harsh conditions.

When they took Hank to the vet, it was discovered that the poor dog had many health problems, a disease with only a 50% survival rate.

The pup was also severely malnourished with a compromised immune system.

After reading the story about the dog, two women wanted to bring him home, because he needed round-the-clock care and they were ready to give him the best they could.

Hank finally got a proper care, and most importantly, a ton of love.

His mothers took care of him in such a way that it is simply impossible to imagine better.

Hank finally felt so at ease in his new comfortable home.

True, He was sick, but he was a;ble to wag his tail wanting to make his mothers happy.

unfortunately his previous owner’s cruelty left its consequences as Hank’s condition got wosre and worse every day.

The news of Hank’s death was very heartbreaking and broke everyone’s hearts, but no doubt he spent his last days in good spirits, feeling loved and happy…

Hank died in his mothers arms, listening to their whispers. “We love you so much, our sweet Hank.”

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