The kitty with the most adorable smile has captured the heart of a shelter worker hugging her incessantly


The kitten with the sweetest “smile” was able to find the perfect mom for him.

Seeing her for the first time, he went and hugged her expressing desire to go home with her.

Of course, Kayla had no idea that working at the shelter, one little kitten would completely capture her heart.

This kitty, whose name is Mr. Beasley, was very chatty with everyone he met.

The kitty has neurological condition which is called cerebellar hypoplasia.

It is absolutely safe for his life and not painful, which only affects his movement.

The kitten may sometimes wobble a little while walking, but that doesn’t stop it from being the happiest little creature.

When Kayla and Mr. Beasley met, it was love at first sight.

Kayla was the only one in the entire shelter whose cat hugged, and when she started telling her co-workers about his famous hugs, they decided to approach her, but she didn’t hug them the way she did Kayla.

That day on the way home, Kayla kept thinking about the sweet kitty, so when she returned to work the next day, she had already made the decision to adopt him. She realized it had to be her.

So that day they came home together and the kitty fell asleep next to Kayla.

He immediately adapted to the new home and just feels great.

He is so active that sometimes it seems that his energy is inexhaustible.

Mr. Beasley has the happiest smile and with his countless hugs and kisses is always trying to show everyone how much he loves his mom.

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