It was the very first birthday cake of the sweet boy, who decided to call it ‘A blessing cake’…


When planning our birthday almost everyone automatically starts thinking of the birthday cake first, but that wasn’t the case for Abraham and James…until recent events entered their lives.

The point is that they had a rather rough upbringing.

They also lived on the streets for a long time, until finally they were transferred to an orphanage.

Even then, of course, everything was not easy for them, but what happened recently changed their lives forever…

They were adopted by a wonderful family from North Carolina. That day became the most memorable in their lives.

It was the dream of their whole life and they could not even dream of the kind of life they are living now.

From that day on, their lives were filled with indescribable days and many adventures.

Their lives were full of many surprises, from the first day they entered their new home to their first presents from Santa. It all seemed like a fairy tale for them.

And of course, one of the most wonderful moments happened in their lives recently, capturing the entire Internet.

Abraham received the first birthday cake of his whole life…

He had never had such a surprise in his entire life. His enthusiasm is simply priceless.

When his mom walks in with his birthday cake, he’s just shocked, then tears…

He quickly goes and hugs his father: “lt’s not just a birthday cake. It is a blessing cake.”

Let’s all be more grateful by enjoying the simple things in life, because it’s those “simple” moments that make our lives so beautiful.

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