Duncan breaks through fence to play with his new friends, the kids of the neighboor


Duncan is a puppy who has a wonderful family.

He lives in the yard of a big house, where he already has great friends.

They met recently and just can’t be separated from each other.

He loves spending time with them so much that he will do anything to see his friends and play with them.

He immediately starts digging and pushing fence boards when the kids are out in the yard.

Eventually, the dog found a way to arrange regular visits with them.

The dog starts looking through the crack in the fence and whines for the children to come out and play with him.

They play together every day spending wonderful time cause it’s always fun with friends.

The kids even made the own bed for their sweet friend to sleep in when he visits his friends.

Duncan’s determination to see the children is simply unbeatable. The kids don’t mind either, especially that they’ve always dreamed of having a dog.

A perfect friendship has formed between them. They do everything for the dog to make him feel happy and loved.

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