The sweet dog has invented an amazing game and can convince everyone to play with him


Even so, it was not possible to find out where Botella came from.

He is a sweet stray dog ​​who can be found in front of the shopping center,

He was looking at the toys so engrossed when one woman noticed him.

She was simply amazed at how attentively he looked at the toys.

It was such a sweet scene that it was impossible to pass by it indifferently.

What the dog can do with the ball is the most amazing. He is always inseparable from his favorite ball.

Botella invented that game by himself, during which he stands in front of the escalator and throws the ball.

With that version, he also seems to invite strangers to play his favorite game with him.

This sweet dog is clearly an expert at making friends and it’s just undeniable. Everyone who met this dog,adores him.

Customers always come up to greet and pet him, and employees always feed him and make sure he feels safe there.

What else does he need for perfect happiness? It is true that he is a stray dog, but he has many friends who hug him so tightly that it will never let him feel sad and lonely.

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