From the very beginning of their meeting the adorable kitty and bunny became inseparable friends


From the first day they became best friends.

The two adorable creatures spend the whole day together and could not even dream of such a wonderful life.

The family adopted the cat and her sister when they were 11 weeks old.

Ahsoka, the kitten, felt very comfortable in her new home from the first day.

A few days later, they introduced the cat to their rabbit, and it seemed like an instant connection was born between them.

It was like love at first sight . Though they had other cats in the house, the rabbit had never been so friendly with any of them. He invited only Ahsoka to such company and they instantly became best friends from.

Eko seemed to have taken all the responsibility of taking care of the cat upon himself, and he was following her and taking care of her like his own baby.

He even let the cat sleep in his place, which had never happened before.

After some time, Ahsoka suddenly lost her sisterbecause of health problems, and at that moment the rabbit was next to her and seemed to comfort her all the time.

Therefore, the connection between them became deeper and deeper.

They cuddle, play, eat and sleep together, like real best friends, and they don’t need anything else for perfect happiness. They have already found it.

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