This awesome sanctuary takes care of sloths who lost their moms, so one day they would be able to return to the jungle again


For nearly 11years now, Sam Traull, who is one of the co-foundres of the Sloth Institute, has been rescuing sloths and helping them1 return to the wild.

It all started when Sam meet Kermi and saved him. It was that baby who inspired her to found the institute mentioned above.

How can you pass by these creatures indifferently, which are so sweet and do not disturb anyone.

All they want is to relax in the sun and eat their favorite leaves.

They can enjoy the breeze for hours and relax in their favorite places. They are very curious and funny creatures.

Sam said in an interview that he founded this center because she wanted to use her time and resources to care for and raise these babies so that they would be able to return to their favorite place, the jungle again.

The main goals of the institute include thorough research of wild sloths, joint cooperation with other institutions dealing with such issues, as well as dissemination of accurate information about them to the public.

For these creatures to survive properly, not just one tree is needed, but several of the right trees.

There are many organizations that don’t think about wildlife at all and decide to steal them from nature to make society happy and because of that they can die of stress after a certain time.

There are many such examples, so people should be properly informed about all this and its consequences.

Thanks to this institute, thousands of sloths have been saved and we hope that their activity will be an example for many to treat wildlife properly.

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