The sweet couple proved that age can never stop anyone from loving and being loved even in your 90s


Love with all your heart and you will see how everything changes to the better.

What often makes our life difficult. are the traits and standards set by society, besides that, the pressure we feel on ourselves, which in turn does not allow us to be free and happy.

Talking about relationships is always a hot topic.

When everyone seems to have found the love of their life, we are often left with questions such as “Will I ever find my right partner” or “Why do I always meet the wrong people and look for love in the wrong places?”

You should never despair. Believe that everything in life has its time and everything starts with us and our attitude towards life.

So don’t stop believing and think only positive. The universe always returns to us what we send.

What you wait for with all your heart and believe, will undoubtedly happen, and you will make sure that nothing was in vain and you will understand that you did not need to worry, because everything happens at the right time.

When you wake up every day, always remind yourself that you should love and take care of yourself first.

A little motivational overview. Now let’s move on to the heroes of our story, who will show by their example that love works wonders.

The story is an incredible love story of a couple.

98-yea r-old Carl Haimer and 95-year-old Reva Truitt have been married for more than 72 years and now live in a nursing home.

When they first met there, they realized that they enjoyed spending time together and talking to each other gave them butterflies.

The sparkle in their eyes proves how special their love is.

True love is pure and sweet.

It magically enters our lives and touches all our cells.

True love never grows old, keeping the warm feeling of youth forever.

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