The elderly woman reunited with her beloved cat whome she had lost 4 years ago because of an earthquake


Four years agothis elderly woman lost everything bacause of a severe earthquake, but the most painful thing for her was the loss of her pet.

Not only did she lose her home, she also lost her beloved cat. The woman named Dota was in a terrible condition.

As a result of the disaster, the cat left the house and never came back. Dora tried to find him, but in vain.

Therefore, she lost his hope and began to assume that she had lost her beloved cat forever.

It was very painful for her to realize that she would not see her again.

As she said, it was the most terrible loss of her life in her entire life.

The cat was her whole family, who was always by her side, filling her life with unconditional love .

But after 4 years a miracle happened. No one could believe their eyes.

The cat mysteriously appeared four years later.

Dota was stunned, she was speechless with excitement and was so happy.

She hugged the cat and did not want to let him go.

Both of them missed each other so much that it turned into a shower of kisses and hugs.

Their reunion has managed to touch the hearts of thousands of people and many people from different parts of the world started sendind them lots of love and warm words. Her beloved pet cat is by her side again.

What a miracle. Despite the absence for such a long time, fortunately, everything was fine with the cat.

We wish them endless love and warm days together.

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