The blind Golden Retriever has got the most caring guide in the whole world


All the events and obstacles that occur in life not only test our faith in ourselves, but also reveal who our true friends are.

As they say, it is in times of trouble that you find out who your true friends are.

Jake, a 2-year-old blind golden retriever, also found himself in a similar situation, when it turned out that he completely lost his sight.

Of course, it is clear that he had to put up with a lot of things in his life, because everything, his habits, his lifestyle, changed drastically due to these physical limitations, but luckily, his best friend was there for him.

Addie understood that her friend needed help and was by his side in everything.

From that day on, she became the leader and the companion of Jake’s life.

Jake’s health problems started a long time ago.

He was only two years old when he was diagnosed with a disease that caused his eyes to stop producing tears.

He went to different treatments for several months, but even the surgeries did not help him.

Instead his eyes continued to get worse and worse. Soon they received the other news.

His family had to choose between Jake’s eyes and his life.

It was unbearably sad news for them. Both seemed inhuman.

Of course, Jake’s family chose the dog’s life and it was decided to remove his eyes.  That’s how he got a second chance.

The surgery went well and when Jake woke up, he started wagging his tail as if to show that his torture was finally over.

Best of all, his sister Addie was always there to support him.

Soon everything began to fall into place and he began to overcome all obstacles with ease.

Her family members are also very happy and all their worries are gone, seeing how Addy takes care of Jake.

These two are the reflection of true friendship and show the whole world that nothing is difficult when you have such a great friend.

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