The 20-year-old dog named Tessa can’t separate from his favorite banana toy always introducing it to everyone


Welcome to Tesa’s world. The sweet dog is already 20years old and lives in the most caring and warm family, who have always been extremely attentive to him.

All of them are simply wonderful: his parents, his friends, but all the same, his banana is incomparable to him and has a special place in his life.

There are things and also feelings in life that last forever…

The dog simply adores his banana toy, and that is his joy.

No matter how many new toys he has, he always goes back to hugging his banana.

Tessa’s mother bought this banana 6 years ago, when the other dog damaged another of his favorite toys, and he has been inseparable from it since the day he received that precious gift.

The sweet dog likes to show it off to everyone.

He wants everyone to recognize it, so when he finishes it he takes it back with him and puts it on his bed.

His parents tell all their guests to show interest in his toy so he will calm down because he won’t give up until he shows it to everyone.

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