After spending more than 175 days in the shelder the dog started dancing in the rain when they took him to the foster family


The joy in his eyes and the long-awaited sense of freedom made everything worth it. It was just so great to watch…

When the shelter staff members placed the dog with a foster family, they could not even imagine how happy he would be and how much he would like it all. The feeling of freedom was simply wonderful.

Even the rain can’t stop you when you are infinitely happy and grateful.

Rambo stayed in the shelter for 178 days and he finally got out.  He was running and dancing in the rain.

When he got there, he probably couldn’t believe his eyes.  He likes to play with other dogs and cats too.

He’s so active that it seems like his energy is endless, but he’s also always ready to cuddle up on his favorite couch.

He is becoming more self-confident and less fearful day by day.

He has managed to learn many other skills and behaves very calm. After finishing training, his eternal family will be waiting for him.

He will undoubtedly have a yard where he can run as much as he wants, and of course a family that loves him.

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