The super tiny kitten-werewolf underwent an unbelievable transformation changing his colors day by day


Emily Rakkova saw Fivell when he was only 2 days old.

The little kitten was so small that it looked like a mouse. It fit very easily in the palm of her hand.

The baby was born with a fever coat, because his mother was under a lot of stress during pregnancy and it left its consequences.

However, the kitten was the only one among the other kittens that survived, but still the mother did not take care of it.

It was clear to everyone that Fievel was going to have a tough fight for his life, but they believed that he would overcome everything.

What happened reminds of a real miracle.

At first, when Fievel was placed in a foster home, he still couldn’t drink from a bottle, but his new mom Rakovan hand-fed him every hour.

But one day, she had an idea. Since she was taking care of other cats besides Fievel, she decided to introduce the baby to them and placed Fievel with the other mother cat and her babies. Fortunately, everything worked out.

They warmly welcomed him as a new member of their family.

It helped him immediately and he started to grow quickly. The kitten changed day by day.

His coat also started to grow and he started to show what a sweet kitty he is.

His true colors were already showing. A month later, he underwent an amazing transformation.

And the most wonderful thing is that not only does he transform externally, but the previously shy and scared kitten has already become a self-confident and joyful cat.

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