Due to the CPR techniques they had seen in the movies, the twin brothers saved the life of their father


Due to ther quick thinking of twin brothers managed to save a life…

It all happened a month ago when Bradd was doing meditation exercises in the pool, something he always did well and had done many times before.

Her two sons, Bridon and Christian, and also their friend, was there too.

They were enjoying the water in the pool when they realized that something was wrong with their father, who had already turned bluish.

So they quickly came to the rescue, pulling their father out and carrying him to the side of the pool.

The boys seem to have remembered how to behave in such cases that they had seen in the movies and quickly oriented themselves.

They started to give him first aid.. Dad finally came to and then said he heard the boys calling him.

“Dad, it’s going to be okay, you should be fine,” he suddenly remembered.

Since the incident, everyone has become very careful. Brad is so grateful to his sons that they were able to quickly find a solution and save their father.

After that day, the family urges everyone to learn how to do CPR.

They even decided to organize such an awareness event for people on a community scale.

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