The kind-hearted neighbor saved the life of the dog who was left in the burning house all alone


Some neighbors are even willing to risk their livets to save the dog. It is a manifestation of the greatest devotion.

Such wonderful neighbors are rare, but Mike Riccher recently proved by his example that there are still such kind-hearted people.

Mike understood very well how important the dog was to them, so he had to take quick steps to save him.

When their house caught fire, the dog was still inside. When he found out about it, he did everything he could to get the dog out.

We think you will agree that it is definitely impossible to express this act of his with words and no “thank you” will be enough to appreciate the act of this hero.

That day, the family was celebrating their daughter’s18th birthday, and they were 35 miles away when a very terrible storm broke out and a strong lightning struck their home.

As a result, the house caught fire. When Mike noticed the fire, he immediately called911, and then the homeowners, who reported that their dog, Piper, was alone inside.

They asked him to let their dog out, because every minute was important and could be fatal…

Therefore, Richter did not hesitate and immediately ran to their house.  When he got there, he broke the front door and broke into the house.

At that moment, Richter immediately picked up Piper and ran out with him.

Unfortunately, most of their house was destroyed, but the important thing was that their dog’s life was saved thanks to this wonderful man.

The house can be rebuilt, but the life of a beloved dog is certainly irreplaceable.

However, the great news was not too late.

People started donating to rebuild their house and in a very short time more than 50,000dollars had already been donated.

We are grateful to all the kind individuals who were not indifferent did not hesitate to help this family.

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