Here is the super beautiful penguin ever seen, which has very bright feathers and managed to attract everyone’s attention from all over the world


Here is the “never ever seen” penguin with super birght yellow feathers.

Ives Adams is a photographer from Belgium. When he noticed the yellow penguin, he was simply amazed by its gorgeous beauty.

It was wearing bright yellow feathers that made it so unique and different from his other relatives:

the photographic group came to Antarctica and the South Atlantic for two months.

They decided to stop and photograph over 120000penguins.

It was then that Adams noticed the unusual animal while preparing some safety equipment.

He had never seen a penguin with such bright feathers. It seemed to be the only one like that.

They just witnessed a wonderful scene and had the opportunity to take pics without hindrance.

The uniqyue color of the feathers of this unusual creature is due to leukism, which in turn leads to loss of pigmentation.

It was explained that his cells start not to produce melanin any more , that’s why the black feathers become this color.

The yellow color of the feahers also helps this adorable creature attract the attention of the opposite sex :).

Such a cuteness.

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