Due to the love and care of the kind girl the kitten has got a second chance at life surpsising everyone with his great progress


A girl noticed a kitten that had a beautiful combination of black and whitte fur.

The kitten was trying to crawl through the narrow path. So when she saw him, she quickly stopped her car in a hurry to save the baby.

At first glance, the little one was very weak, and also one of his back legs even was hung weakly.

A kind passer-by took him to her home, after which she contacted the rescue community to give the kitten appropriate help.

The kitten barely had a little strength to hold his head.

The kind girl began feeding him with a syringe, which seemed to breathe life back into his weakened body.

Mariano started to feel relatively better and even fell asleep in her arms. He finally felt love and comfort for the first time in his life.

After going to the vet, it was found that the kitten had many health problems, but the girl did not want to give up and asked the vet to give her a chance to save the kitten. The sweet kitty deserved another chance to live.

After a few days of excellent care, Mariano the kitten stood up on his 4 legs and, started walking again.

It was just so wonderful, because the vets said that one of his legs had to be amputated.

Ellen was simply amazed by his progress and began to believe that there was a chance to save his leg.

The kitten flourished day by day. A week after undergoing one operation, he started walking better, he even started running .

Ellen was so excited to witness the brave kitty’s great success. He seemed to have been born a second time.

The sweet kitty will always be grateful to Ellen for giving him so much love. Love always s works miracles.

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